Trip to Montserrat, Spain

Trip to Montserrat, Spain

December 28, 2022 1 By Charm San

Montserrat is a rocky mountain range located in Catalonia, Spain (an hour away from Barcelona). “Montserrat” translates to “saw mountain” in Catalan because of its appreance looking like a o jagged, sawtooth. On the top of the mountain is where the Benedictine monastery is located. It is one of the MUST see places in Spain.

Here is my trip details to Monserrat, Barcelona. We booked our day trip through We stayed at the hotel called Hotel Limonaia and ate our breakfast at Mixto Cafe around 7:30 am and took the taxi from the cafe to the meeting spot at stació Barcelona Nord, platform 18 (bus terminal). Taking taxi in Barcelona felt safer than the subway. Tour duration is around 6 hours and we arrived 15 minutes before the tour time.

The tour bus took us to a train station and the train ride (cogwheel train) took us up the mountain and that is the only mode of transportation to the monastery. Have your camera ready to capture the beauty of breathtaking multi-peaked mountain range of Montserrat. The tour guide took very long at the Monastery to talk about the history of Montserrat Abbey, but we had our kids with us. We were little impatience with the long talk. We prefer to do the hike and enjoy the view at our own pace. Luckily, they gave is a few hours to explore the place on our own. We also went to the museum to learn about the place. We also had lunch there and bought honey from the local street vendor and got some souvenirs from the museum gift store.

Things to Take on this Trip:



Comfortable Shoes

Weather-appropriate clothing

Here are some of my pictures of the Montserrat.

Montserrat mountain view from the top
Montserrat Monastery
Another view of the Monastery
Walls of the Monastery
Captured this view from the Cogwheel train