Dunluce Castle Game of Thrones Shooting Spot

Dunluce Castle Game of Thrones Shooting Spot

September 26, 2023 0 By Charm San

As I stood at the edge of the windswept cliff, gazing upon the majestic ruins of Dunluce Castle, I couldn’t help but feel transported to another world. This magnificent castle perched precariously on the edge of a cliff on the Northern Irish coast is not just a historical relic, but a living piece of cinematic history, having served as a backdrop for the epic Game of Thrones series. In this article, we will embark on a journey to uncover the magic and allure of Dunluce Castle, delving into its beauty, rich history, and why it is an absolute must-visit when exploring the enchanting landscapes of Ireland.

Dunluce Castle: A Game of Thrones Icon

For fans of Game of Thrones, Dunluce Castle holds a special place in their hearts. It was transformed into the formidable House Greyjoy’s stronghold, the Pyke, on the fictional Iron Islands. The juxtaposition of the castle’s dramatic cliffside location with the power struggles and intrigues of the Greyjoy family created some of the most memorable scenes in the series. As you walk through the castle’s ruins, it’s easy to imagine the characters of the show navigating these very halls, adding an extra layer of magic to the experience.

One of the most iconic scenes shot here was when Theon Greyjoy returns home to the Pyke in the second season of Game of Thrones. The haunting beauty of the castle and the wild, untamed sea below provide the perfect backdrop for the complex emotions of the characters.

The Enchanting Beauty of Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is a testament to the power of nature and human ingenuity. It appears to defy gravity as it clings to the edge of a basalt cliff, overlooking the tumultuous waves of the North Atlantic Ocean. The castle’s stone walls, now worn and weathered by centuries of exposure to the elements, tell stories of resilience and strength.

As you approach Dunluce Castle, you’ll walk along a narrow stone bridge that seems suspended in mid-air. This bridge is the only connection between the castle and the mainland, adding an element of adventure to your visit. As you step into the courtyard, the sweeping views of the ocean and the surrounding countryside take your breath away.

The castle’s architecture is a captivating blend of medieval grandeur and natural beauty. The ruins include the remnants of towers, walls, and chambers that once housed nobility. While the castle may be a shadow of its former self, its ghostly charm is undeniable. Exploring its winding passageways and hidden nooks is like stepping back in time.

A Glimpse into History

Dunluce Castle’s history is as fascinating as its appearance. It was originally built by the MacQuillan clan in the 13th century and later taken over by the MacDonnell clan in the 16th century. The MacDonnells made significant improvements to the castle, turning it into a formidable fortress. However, in 1639, tragedy struck when a portion of the castle, including the kitchen, plummeted into the sea during a storm, taking several servants with it. Legend has it that the kitchen staff had a miraculous escape when a section of the kitchen miraculously remained intact, suspended on a rock shelf.

The castle played a pivotal role in the tumultuous history of Ireland, witnessing numerous battles and power struggles. It was eventually abandoned in the 18th century, and its ruins have since become a symbol of Northern Ireland’s rich heritage.

Why Visit Dunluce Castle?

Dunluce Castle offers visitors a unique and enchanting experience that combines natural beauty, history, and a dash of fantasy from Game of Thrones. Here are some compelling reasons why it should be at the top of your list when visiting Ireland:

  1. Scenic Beauty: The castle’s location alone is worth the visit. The rugged coastline, crashing waves, and sweeping views of the North Atlantic Ocean create a picturesque backdrop that is unparalleled in its beauty.
  2. Game of Thrones Connection: For fans of the series, Dunluce Castle offers a chance to step into the world of Westeros. Walking the same paths as iconic characters adds a layer of excitement to your visit.
  3. Historical Significance: Dunluce Castle is a window into Ireland’s past. Exploring its ruins and learning about its history provides a deeper understanding of the region’s rich heritage.
  4. Photographic Opportunities: The castle’s dramatic setting and picturesque ruins make it a photographer’s dream. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you’ll find countless opportunities to capture stunning shots.
  5. Adventure and Romance: Crossing the narrow bridge to reach the castle and exploring its hidden corners adds an element of adventure. It’s also a wonderfully romantic setting, making it an ideal spot for couples.

Plan Your Visit

Before you embark on your journey to Dunluce Castle, here are some practical tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Opening Hours: Check the castle’s official website for current opening hours and any special events.
  • Weather: The weather in Northern Ireland can be unpredictable, so dress in layers and be prepared for rain, even on sunny days.
  • Tickets: Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid long queues, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • Guided Tours: Consider joining a guided tour to learn more about the history and stories of the castle. Guides often share fascinating insights that enhance your experience.
  • Respect the Site: While exploring the ruins, remember to be respectful and not touch or climb on the fragile stones. This helps preserve the site for future generations.


Dunluce Castle is a place where history, natural beauty, and the magic of Game of Thrones converge. It is a destination that will leave you awe-inspired and enchanted, whether you’re a history buff, a Game of Thrones fan, or simply a traveler in search of breathtaking landscapes. As I left the castle, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed this remarkable piece of Irish history and imagination. So, when you plan your visit to Ireland, make sure Dunluce Castle is on your itinerary—it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Where to Eat Nearby:

After exploring the captivating Dunluce Castle, you may find yourself hungry and in need of a meal. Fortunately, there are several dining options in the vicinity to satisfy your appetite. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. The Bushmills Inn Restaurant: Located in the charming village of Bushmills, just a short drive from Dunluce Castle, this restaurant offers a delightful menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Irish dishes or contemporary cuisine, you’ll find a variety of options to please your palate.
  2. The Nook: This cozy eatery in Bushmills is known for its hearty and delicious food. The Nook serves a range of dishes, including Irish classics like fish and chips, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.
  3. Causeway Hotel: Situated near the Giant’s Causeway, a popular attraction in the area, this hotel’s restaurant offers a stunning view of the coastline. You can enjoy a meal while taking in the breathtaking scenery.
  4. Harbour Bar and Bistro: Located in Portrush, a short drive from Dunluce Castle, this restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring seafood, steaks, and traditional Irish dishes. The bistro overlooks the harbor, providing a pleasant dining atmosphere.


Dunluce Castle has a designated parking area for visitors, making it relatively convenient to access. There are parking attendants and clear signage to guide you. Parking fees may apply, so be sure to have some local currency on hand. The lot can get busy during peak tourist seasons, so arriving early in the day can help you secure a parking spot with ease.

Driving as a Foreigner:

Driving in Northern Ireland, like in the rest of the United Kingdom, is on the left side of the road, which can be different for drivers used to right-hand driving. Here are some tips to make driving as a foreigner in Northern Ireland, and specifically near Dunluce Castle, more manageable:

  1. International Driving Permit (IDP): If your driver’s license is not in English, it’s advisable to obtain an International Driving Permit before your trip. This can be useful in case you need to present your license to authorities or rental car agencies.
  2. GPS or Navigation App: Using a GPS device or a navigation app on your smartphone can be extremely helpful in finding your way around. Be sure to have a reliable map or GPS device with you.
  3. Road Signs: Pay close attention to road signs, especially those indicating speed limits and directional information. Northern Ireland uses miles per hour for speed limits.
  4. Roundabouts: Roundabouts are common in the UK. Remember to yield to traffic already on the roundabout and enter it in a counterclockwise direction.
  5. Parking and Traffic Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local parking regulations, as they can vary from place to place. Always park in designated areas to avoid fines.
  6. Insurance: Ensure that your rental car has appropriate insurance coverage, and understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

While driving in Northern Ireland can be an adjustment for foreigners, it is generally safe, and the road network is well-maintained. If you’re unsure about driving, you can also explore guided tour options or public transportation to reach Dunluce Castle and nearby dining establishments.