Joel Stone Park

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It is a small but beautiful park located in Gananoque, Ontario. It is located on Water Street, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It has an amazing view of St. Lawrence and some of its famous islands. We went in the wintertime, but you can go swimming on the warm summer afternoon and do a picnic.

It has a little stretch of sand, and just you know, it is mainly used by the locals and the boaters who cruise around the 1000 islands. There are no lifeguards present at the beach.

This park was named after Colonel Joel Stone, who lived between (1749 – 1833) and was a United Empire Loyalist. He is celebrated as a founder of Gananoque, Ontario.

Directions and address to Joel Stone Park


135 Water St, Gananoque, ON K7G 2M7 ( closer to Kingston)


Open 24 hours

Joel Stone Park – closer to Kingston


There are no admission fee for this park


  • Walking/ Hiking
  • View of a small Lighthouse
  • Swimming
  • Splash pad
  • Playground
  • Waterfront
  • Open green space for recreation and historical monuments

Special Features

  • small lighthouse
  • splash pad
  • small beach
  • small-town attraction

Why visit Joel Stone Park?

The park has a small lighthouse as shown in the picture below. It is a small town park that you will good walking around the waterfront. They also have a splash pad and beach for kids.

Travel Advice

Is it worth a visit?

If you live in the neighbouring area, it is fun going and strolling through this waterfront small town. However, it is not worth travelling from far away, just to see this park. It is closer to Kingston, On and therefore if you are going for a drive to Kingston or visiting 1000 islands, it would be okay. Sometimes, if you are going on a road trip and if you like to stop over and see some attraction in the middle of your trip, it is more suitable.

Estimated time

Approximately it will one hour – to stroll /use the play area/ beach

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